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Hydrogeological services

SCK CEN - Afval en berging (2019)

How our expertise in the disposal of nuclear waste can make you more knowledgeable

Whether your organisation specialises in groundwater exploitation, geothermal energy, environmental remediation, or the disposal of radioactive waste, the subsurface should hold no secrets for you.

SCK CEN has been researching the possible long-term management solutions for nuclear waste for many years. This is also of interest to you, as a non-nuclear professional. With more than 40 years of experience in hydrogeological research, our scientists have amassed a wealth of knowledge, enabling them to solve your problems.

3 services to get to the bottom of your question

The research activities of SCK CEN lead to valuable insights to support the performance and safety analyses of federal supervisory bodies and companies with various studies in the subsurface. SCK CEN is continuously acquiring and increasing its knowledge. 

"Looking for contributions for your environmental and impact assessment studies? Use our hydrogeological 3D models, calculations of groundwater flows, interesting visualisations or estimates on the fate of solutes or heat transport in the subsurface."
Diederik Jacques, head unit EGA (Analysis of Artificial and Geosystems)
  • 2021_SCK CEN hydrogeological services - process modelling

    Process modelling

    We can estimate the fate of contaminants in the subsurface. For instance, we investigate how potential releases from a nuclear waste disposal facility migrate through soil or aquifers.

    So you can count on plenty of knowledge and experience in building models on different scales and coupling processes.

  • 2021_SCK CEN hydrogeological services - model parameterisation

    Model parameterisation

    Based on 40 years of hydrogeological research, SCK CEN has extensive experience in using different types of subsurface data to improve the quality of the various models.

    We are continuously working on improving groundwater flow model parameterisation at multiple scales.

  • 2021_SCK CEN hydrogeological services - advanced calibration validation evaluation

    Advanced calibration, validation and verification

    SCK CEN has extensive expertise in optimisation and uncertainty quantification, even with computationally intensive models.

    What’s in it for you? Enabling the explicit representation of aquifer heterogeneity in probabilistic process model inversion, among others.

Looking for current and relevant models and insights?

Whether you work for a private company, a government organisation or a university interested in research, our services provide the right knowledge and tools to examine a specific problem exhaustively.

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