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3 post-doc positions available on the SMELD project

23 April '24

Apply now and contribute to research in dismanling an decommissioning.


In Europe, dozens of nuclear reactors will cease operation in the coming years. Their decommissioning is imminent. By maximizing recycling and reusing materials, we can reduce the carbon footprint of decommissioning. The SMELD (State-of-the-art MEtal MElting Limiting waste during D&D) project, in which SCK CEN and research institution Centre de Recherches Métallurgiques (CRM Group) are joining forces, aims to build a furnace to melt metals. 

We are looking for three enthusiastic post-docs to conduct research on the movements of certain radioisotopes during the melting process and to determine parameters/methods to control the movements of these isotopes. The duration of these post-doc positions is 2 years.

  • This Post-doc study aims to apply the state-of-the-art thermochemical modelling tools such as FactSage, Thermo-Calc, and HSC etc. to investigate metal melting process in order to extract valuable metal. Although the pyrometallurgy in traditional steel industry is well known and largely studied, the information on the behavior of the radionuclides in remelted steels is limited. The objective is to model the partitioning of phases in metal melting according to the particular process parameter and to identify and model phase relations at the boundaries of thermodynamical equilibria . The modelling results will be used to guide remelting processes at various stages in order to optimize pyrometallurgy conditions facilitating re-partitioning and/or concentrating identified radionuclides towards preferred phases. As the optimized conditions must be eventually applicable to a semi- or an industrial scale remelting facility kinetic conditions must also be accounted for.

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  • In this Post Doc project, the evaluation of the behavior of various metal materials during remelting and their impact on recycling will be studied using analytical and experimental approaches. The role is expected to explore “on-the-spotlight” field in nuclear waste management by working with top experts in various fields in nuclear world. The objective of the Post Doc is to develop methods to optimize the melting process and the related infrastructure for D&D activities. In order to reach this objective, an in-depth R&D program will be put in place, aiming in directing particular radionuclides towards preferred phases in metal melting. By combining theoretical and experimental approaches with thermodynamical modelling, the findings will pave the road for the future decades with significant impact on minimization of nuclear waste.

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  • In this Post Doc project, the evaluation of the behavior of different types and grades of steels during remelting and the impact of these different types and grades on the recycling product using analytical and experimental approaches towards the metal melting will be studied. In particular, the impact of steel grades on the radionuclides partition to the slag during melting will also be investigated. Eventually, the remelting of a mix of different grades and types of steel will also be investigated. The role encourages the interdisciplinary interaction as for instance liaising with thermodynamic modelling support team for pre simulations and or validation of the theoretical and experimental approaches.   

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