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Highlights 2023 - Exploring

We strengthen our pioneering light and increase our social impact by joining forces with strategic partners. By working together, we are accelerating progress. Examples include consortia to build a lead-cooled Small Modular Reactor, to dismantle cyclotrons and to develop new targeted cancer treatments.

  • 2024_SCKCEN_SMR_consortium.jpg

    Leaders in heavy liquid metal technology join forces for deploying Lead-Cooled Small Modular Reactors

    Exploring innovative nuclear systems
    8 November 2023

    Five leaders in heavy liquid metal technology join forces to speed up the  industrial deployment of Small Modular Reactors (SMR). These prominent international partners are Ansaldo Nucleare, ENEA, RATEN, SCK CEN and Westinghouse Electric Company. Their collaborative journey begins with the demonstration of Lead Fast Reactor Technology, showcasing its potential. 

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  • 2023_ANUBIS-Magics-landscape

    New partnership with MAGICS aims to revolutionize cementitious waste monitoring and contamination mapping techniques

    Exploring the nuclear lifecycle
    7 December 2023

    A joint effort between SCK CEN and MAGICS is under way to develop advanced technologies that promise groundbreaking improvements in the monitoring and prediction of damage caused by ASR-DEF reactions in cementitious radioactive waste forms. At the same time, the collaboration seeks to bring about an improvement in contamination mapping methodology, enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of the radiological characterisation process.

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  • 2021_SCKCEN_Cyclotron-Seneffe-Decommissioning

    Five Belgian companies create CYCLADE: a centre of expertise for the decommissioning of accelerators and cyclotrons

    Exploring the nuclear lifecycle
    9 March 2023

    While the first facilities date back more than 30 years, it is estimated that approximately 200 medical cyclotron facilities worldwide are awaiting dismantling by 2040. This is equivalent to processing 18,000 tons of steel and other metals in the most sustainable way possible. Five Belgian companies (IBA, Interboring, IRE, SCK CEN and Transrad) - specialists in dismantling and nuclear medicine - are joining forces for this purpose.

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  • 20231004_SCKCEN_LINAC@LNK-header

    New project ‘LINAC@LNK’ focuses on better calibrations for radiotherapy and characterisation of radioactive waste

    Exploring the nuclear lifecycle
    7 October 20203

    Hitting two targets with one shot – no other idiom sums up the LINAC@LNK project so nicely. SCK CEN is purchasing a medical linear accelerator to investigate two big questions: can we make radiotherapy even more efficient? And – more surprisingly – can we also better characterize radioactive waste drums with this medical device?

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  • 2023_ANUBIS_logo-partners_HeaderImage

    Advanced measurement techniques as the key to minimize and safely dispose radioactive decommissioning waste

    Exploring the nuclear lifecycle
    2 March 2023

    Do we want to reuse and recycle the bulk of materials from the decommissioning of Belgian nuclear power plants as much as possible and dispose of the remaining radioactive waste safely? Then we need to improve our knowledge and technologies. Let that be precisely the goal of the SCK CEN ANUBIS project. With the support of the European Union, SCK CEN is joining forces with various industrial players. Three separate collaborations are currently underway.

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  • 20230213_RECUMO 1 (2023)

    Ground-breaking ceremony for RECUMO

    Exploring the nuclear lifecycle
    13 February 2023

    From 2026 onwards, the nuclear research centre SCK CEN will transform radioactive residues into low-enriched uranium and will purify them in its brand new RECUMO facility. These residues resulting from the production of medical radioisotopes on the site of the Institut National des Radioéléments (IRE). On 13 February 2023, the first sod was turned for the RECUMO building. With it, IRE and SCK CEN are literally creating a European first on Belgian soil.

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  • 20231129_SCKCEN_CRF_1

    New SCK CEN production facility helps more cancer patients

    Exploring nuclear medicine
    28 November 2023

    Starting in 2026, the nuclear research centre SCK CEN will commission a brand-new production facility for therapeutic radioisotopes. This facility, called CRF, represents a vital step forward in the fight against cancer. November 2023, the foundation stone was symbolically laid - in the presence of patient Francis Ligot, European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety Stella Kyriakides, and Belgian Minister for Energy Tinne Van der Straeten.

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  • SCK CEN - TerThera (2023)

    The Netherlands and Belgium stand shoulder to shoulder against cancer

    Exploring nuclear medicine
    14 June 2023

    Cancer is on the rise worldwide. The Dutch company TerThera and the Belgian nuclear research centre SCK CEN want to stop it in its tracks. In one swift stroke of the hand, they throw everything into the fight against cancer: unique expertise, advanced techniques and uninterrupted access to ... Gadolinium - one of 17 rare earth metals. This is the necessary raw material for Terbium-161, an emerging talent among therapeutic radioisotopes.

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  • SCK CEN - SpectronRx (2023)

    The United States and Belgium partner to accelerate the fight against cancer

    Exploring nuclear medicine
    26 May 2023

    US-Based SpectronRx will open its first European radiolabeling facility for sorely needed medical radioisotopes. This facility will be established on the premises of the Belgian Nuclear Research Center SCK CEN in Mol, Belgium. It will be operational in 2024 and will focus on actinium-225. This promising therapeutic radioisotope shows great potential in the treatment of cancer.

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  • SCK CEN - Highlights 2022 (2023)

    BR2 made every production second of 2023 count in the fight against cancer

    Exploring nuclear medicine
    4 February 2024

    In a world where every minute counts in the race against cancer, our BR2 research reactor did not let a single second of production slip by in 2023. “We achieved 100% of the production days we announced. In short: 100% availability and reliability for patients,” said Steven Van Dyck, Director of BR2 at the nuclear research centre SCK CEN.

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