Frank Hardeman, future Director General of FANC


Today, the Council of Ministers approved the appointment of Frank Hardeman as head of the Federal Agency for Nuclear Control (FANC). After having spent almost thirty years of his career at SCK•CEN, the current Deputy Director-General of the Belgian research centre has developed a strong expertise in various nuclear areas and especially in radiation protection and nuclear safety. Frank is a meticulous scientist who is recognised by his peers and who adopts a practical management and working approach. Close to his teams, he likes working on the field. SCK•CEN’s staff members and their management would like to congratulate him for the appointment.

After having spent almost thirty years at different key positions within SCK•CEN, Frank Hardeman (56 years) will become Director General of the FANC on 1 May 2018.

Frank holds a PhD in Nuclear Physics (KU Leuven) and started his career at SCK•CEN in 1990. As an expert in nuclear safety management and radiation protection research, he is appointed head of the Internal Service for Prevention and Protection at Work in 2007. Two years later, he is promoted to Institute Director of the SCK•CEN Environment, Health and Safety Institute where he is leading a team of 250 members. He supervises various research areas such as nuclear safety and security, radiobiology, waste management, dismantling of facilities, dosimetry, radioecology, and last but not least the societal aspects of nuclear research. In 2015, he becomes Deputy Director-General of the research centre.

Frank Hardeman"Throughout his career at the Centre, Frank has been working passionately and with determination towards bringing his collaborators together around innovative projects to allow research to move forward in crucial areas such as nuclear safety, risk perception and radiation protection for man and the environment”, claims Eric van Walle, Director-General of SCK•CEN. “We are both proud and honoured that Frank has been elected by the jury to hold this significant position. This just shows the high quality of our Centre and its staff. I am convinced that Frank Hardeman has all the qualities needed to fulfil this crucial mission for our country.”

“Throughout my entire SCK•CEN career, I had the opportunity to broaden my skills in science and management in many different areas surrounding nuclear energy. Thanks to an ever-present drive to innovate and cutting-edge technologies but first and foremost thanks to dedicated researchers, I was able to develop my own expertise focusing on safety culture”, explains Frank Hardeman, current SCK•CEN Deputy Director-General and future Director-General of FANC.