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Targetome profiling of metastatic ovarian cancer

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Ovarian cancer (OC) remains a significant challenge in women's health, with metastatic disease posing the greatest challenge to patient survival. Despite advancements in treatment, the development of effective therapies specifically targeting metastatic OC has been hindered by a limited understanding of the molecular alterations that drive metastatic progression.

This research project aims to unravel the molecular landscape of metastatic OC, paving the way for the development of novel therapeutic strategies. Employing a multiomics approach that integrates data mining of publicly available clinical data with high-throughput profiling of patient samples, we aim to identify molecular targets that are uniquely expressed and amenable to targeted therapy in metastatic OC. Our goal is to uncover molecular entities that are specifically present in metastatic lesions and primary tumors, distinguishing them from healthy tissues. These findings will serve as a roadmap for prioritizing key targets for radiopharmaceutical development. We will further explore the potential therapeutic benefits of newly developed candidates in clinically relevant in vitro and in vivo advanced pathological models of OC metastasis.

This comprehensive approach holds the promise of shedding light on the complex molecular mechanisms underlying metastatic spread in OC. By identifying novel therapeutic targets, we will lay the foundation for the development of radionuclide therapy, offering a gateway to novel targeted therapies and new hope for patients battling metastatic OC.

The minimum diploma level of the candidate needs to be

  • Master of sciences

The candidate needs to have a background in

  • Biology
  • Cancer biology, molecular and cellular biology, oncology

Estimated duration

4 years

Expert group

RadioPharma Research

SCK CEN Mentor

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Tabury Kevin
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