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Open courses: radiation protection

In the field of radiation protection, SCK CEN offers three different open training courses:

  • 5-day training course

    Designed for students or professionals working with radioactive material or managing nuclear projects. This course covers both fundamental and practical aspects of radiation protection.

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  • Basic training for radiation protection officers within class II and III institutes (RPO)

    Designed for professionals who have been appointed as radiation protection officer (RPO) within a licensed class II or class III institute. The course meets the provisions established in the Technical Regulations of FANC of 6 Oktober 2020.

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  • Training course for employees according to article 25 ARBIS/RGPRI

    Designed for people who may be exposed to ionising radiation in their professional capacity. The course meets the provisions established in article 25 of the Royal Decree of 20 July 2001 (ARBIS/RGPRI).

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