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STEM activities

On this page, you will find more information about science competitions and events supported by SCK CEN.

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Science competitions

Nuclear Game Challenge

The goal of this competition was, after the kick-off event and with the support of an SCK CEN or JRC mentor, to conceive and develop an educational game on nuclear science and applications that can be used afterwards in the classroom or beyond. 

This competition was organised in collaboration with the Joint Research Centre (JRC – research centres of the European Commission).

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Nuclear Role-Play Contest

With this Nuclear Role-Play Contest, SCK CEN is aiming to give you a broad view of nuclear science and its applications while putting your teamwork skills, creativity and critical thinking to the test.
The challenge in this contest was to devise a role-playing game about nuclear science and technology in a team setting, including a matching prop and supporting educational package.

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Flemish Physics Olympiad

With the SCK CEN Academy, we support the finalists in the Flemish Physics Olympiad every year and treat them to a scientific visit to our technical facilities in Mol.


Radioactivity is everywhere, but we cannot perceive it with our senses. So how can we measure radioactivity? How can we protect ourselves from the harmful effects of radioactivity? What are the challenges of today and tomorrow?

These are some of the challenges where radiation protection comes in. The Belgian Society for Radiation Protection (BVS-ABR) is the scientific organisation dedicated to that field.  It has been doing so for 60 years! To celebrate this anniversary, the BVS-ABR is organising a competition in in 2023 in which 5th and 6th year secondary school pupils can participate.

During the competition, pupils will work out a scientific project that will be assessed by a professional jury. This way, they are introduced to the different disciplines related to radiation protection, such as physics, biology, mathematics, geology, social sciences, ... In addition, the competition stimulates team skills, creativity and critical scientific thinking of students.

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ENEN2+ Nuclear Competition and Science Camp

ENEN2plus, a European project in which SCK CEN is one of 51 partners from 20 different countries, is looking for teams of one teacher and two students to make a short video on a nuclear application.

The project is committed not only to expanding the competences of students and professionals already in the sector but certainly also to reaching out to and attracting new and young talent.
Within the international context of this project, a Summer School in various languages for students on nuclear topics, a STEM award for teachers and thus also this video competition are being developed.

Participating in the video competition is not something you do just like that, of course, because...

...The 15 finalist teams of this competition could participate in the five-day 'Nuclear Science Camp' in Budapest from 3 to 7 July free of charge, and had a chance to win prizes worth €7500 in total.

For bright minds with a sense of directing, editing and science...



Science Day

Discover the online participation of SCK CEN in Science Day 2020, where you can learn all about our research in the fields of environment, safety, health and energy. Also in 2022 we participated in collaboration with Tabloo.


Nerdland Festival

Nerdland Festival, the successor to Sound of Science, is Belgium's largest outdoor science festival. Visit the website and find out what contribution SCK CEN made to this spectacle, which took place from 26 to 28 May 2023. 


Printemps des Sciences

Printemps des Sciences ('Spring of the Sciences') is a science event from the Brussels-Wallonia Federation that took place from 20 to 26 March 2023. Discover this year's programme on the website, with the support of SCK CEN.



SCK CEN employees set out to inspire first grade high school students for a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education and career as part of Vlajo and essencia's STEMfluencers project.

During a two-hour long guest lecture, our colleagues will tell the students about their scientific studies and career and will offer insight into their everyday job here at SCK CEN. They will bring a tangible, authentic, and inspiring story to young students who are at the beginning of their high school careers, have a lot to discover, and therefore still have many study choices to make.

Additionally, SCK CEN colleagues can also present their STEM studies and career to third grade high school students for ‘STEM Ondernemers voor de klas’.

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