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SCK CEN Academy channel

Discover some of the SCK CEN's research topics with this selection of videos. More contributions will be added in the future. 
Unless otherwise specified these videos are Copyright © SCK CEN.


Technopolis vlog

Emiel (Technopolis) kreeg de exclusieve kans om een bezoek te brengen aan SCK CEN. In deze vlog komt hij op exclusieve plekken waar niet iedereen mag komen. Zo bezoekt hij de oudste kernreactor van België, werpt hij een blik op de toekomst en staat hij bovenop een actieve onderzoeksreactor.


Radiopharmaceuticals: utilizing radioactivity for Diagnosis and Therapy

by Maarten Ooms (22/04/2022)

Translational research of radiopharmaceuticals

Produced in the framework of the PRISMAP project (22/04/2022)

Terbium-161: The first radioisotope produced and purified at SCK CEN

by Andrew Burgoyne (26/02/2021)

Production of Sm-153 for targeted radionuclide therapy - A NURA showcase study

By Michiel Van de Voorde (30/04/2021)

Prostate cancer radionuclide therapy

by Nathalie Heynickx (01/05/2022)

Gold nanoparticles: a tiny treasure to improve cancer radiotherapy

by Noami Daems (25/09/2020)

Applying ISOL techniques for medical isotopes production

by Marc Dierckx (28/04/2017)

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Space science

Glowing in the dark – Pu-238 for Space Exploration

by Marc Verwerft (29/04/2022)


Epidemiological studies on health effects of low doses of ionizing radiation among nuclear workers

by Hilde Engels (21/02/2021)

Mechanistic analysis of radiation-induced microcephaly in mice

by Claude Mfossa André (25/10/2019)

Ionizing radiation: What does the heart say

by Bjorn Baselet (28/04/2017)

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Materials science

Fabrication of simulated transmutation fuel particles by sol-gel chemistry

by Christian Schreinemachers (25/11/2020)

Developments in the conversion from HEU to LEU

by Ann Leenaers (24/02/2017)

Finding the missing piece in the UO2 oxidation mechanism puzzle

by Gregory Leinders (31/03/2017)

FIB/SEM: new opportunities for microstructure research

by Wouter Van Renterghem (24/06/2016)

Nuclear reactor technology

Major nuclear facilities at SCK CEN and associated instrumentation: BR2 and MYRRHA

by Jared Wight & Ludo Vermeeren (19/02/2024)

MYRRHA: on Closing Fuel Cycle and Burning the Minor Actinides via P&T

by Hamid Aït Abderrahim (26/03/2021) on the occasion of the Virginia Tech webinar series on nuclear energy

Nuclear materials in liquid metal environments

by Noelia Fuentes Solis (1/05/2022)

ThO2 for LWR applications – Historic notes and on-going research

by Marc Verwerf (30/10/2015)

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Sustainable waste and decommissioning

Recent evolutions in geological disposal programmes in Europe

by Christophe Bruggeman (25/11/2016)

Behaviour of high-level waste forms

by Karel Lemmens (22/04/2016)

Storing radioactive waste in a subsoil of clay

SCK CEN is a pioneer in research into storing nuclear waste in deep clay layers. Today, together with ONDRAF/NIRAS and other Belgian partners, it is examining the various options. Dive into the podcasts and video's on this topic (only in NL and FR)

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Emergency preparedness

Atmospheric transport modeling and its uncertainty quantification

by Pieter De Meutter (24/02/2017)

Forensic Radionuclide Event Analysis and Reconstruction - presenting FREAR

by Pieter De Meutter (30/09/2022)

Results from radiation sensors carried by wings or rotors

by Johan Camps (29/10/2021)

Lecture series 'Chair Roger Van Geen'

Radioactive ion beams – From fundamental research to society
Prof. Thomas Cocolios - 19/10/2021
Basics of radioactive ion beam production
Prof. Thomas Cocolios - 25/10/2021
State of the art in the isotope separation online technique
Prof. Thomas Cocolios - 8/10/2021
Fundamental research with radioactive ion beams
Prof. Thomas Cocolios - 15/10/2021
Expanding the reach of nuclear medicine with ISOL radioisotopes
Prof. Thomas Cocolios - 22/10/2021
Molecular imaging and biomarkers for new concepts of neurodegenerative disease
Prof. Eric Salmon - 3/02/2021
Lecture series 'Chair Roger Van Geen 2021'
Biomarkers in Alzheimer’s disease and frontotemporal dementia
Prof. Eric Salmon - 10/02/2021
Lecture series 'Chair Roger Van Geen 2021'
Biomarkers in Parkinsonian syndromes
Prof. Eric Salmon - 17/02/2021
Lecture series 'Chair Roger Van Geen 2021'
Molecular imaging of synaptopathy
Prof. Eric Salmon - 24/02/2021
Lecture series 'Chair Roger Van Geen 2021'

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