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How to submit your application?

When submitting your application for PhD studies, please take the following guidelines into account:

  1. View the practical guidelines.
  2. Applications can only be made online, by using the website (click on the “apply here” button indicated at the bottom of each topic). Any other form of application (electronic or written) will be rejected.
  3. Before applying, it is compulsory to first contact the SCK CEN mentor for further information. The name of the mentor and his/her contact details are indicated with each topic.
  4. The online application form must be filled in as completely and as accurately as possible, and needs to include at least:
    1. two duly signed reference letters from scientific collaborators at a university or scientific institute, one of whom must be the applicant's final-year university Master thesis supervisor (i.e. the university professor who promoted the Master thesis), unless this person is also the promotor of the PhD thesis topic for which you are applying, in which case you should find a different referee. Use the following template for these reference letters.
    2. one duly signed reference letter completed by the promoter of the PhD thesis topic for which you are applying. You should contact the PhD promoter via the SCK CEN mentor. Use the following template.
  5. These letters should be uploaded by the applicant (strongly preferred), or can be sent directly by the referee to academy [at] sckcen [dot] be. In the latter case, please note that we need to receive the e-mail the latest one day before the deadline of the submission of the files (see ”Timing”). The SCK CEN mentor has to be in cc of this mail.
  6. Please note that only applications where all required documents and information are received before the deadline (see ”Timing”) will be considered.
  7. Candidates can apply for a maximum of two topics from the list of available topics. Candidates need to apply separately (online) for each topic and therefore introduce two application files.
  8. The application form will be evaluated by the SCK CEN Scientific Council. When judged positively, the applicant will be invited to give an oral presentation on the research topic to a jury at SCK CEN in Mol, Belgium. The various dates for these oral presentations have already been fixed and can be found in the section ”Timing”. Please reserve all these dates in your agenda, since the exact date and timing will be determined only later by the SCK CEN Academy and cannot be changed. For PhD topics in collaboration with NIRAS/ONDRAF, a professional jury with experts from NIRAS/ONDRAF, EURIDICE and SCK CEN will assess your application.
  9. SCK CEN does not reimburse travel or accommodation costs incurred in order to attend the oral presentation. We do offer a web conferencing system for applicants who have difficulties in travelling to Mol.
  10. Preference is given to candidates who have obtained a Master degree (or equivalent) with at least distinction in the final year. The period between being awarded the Master degree and the planned starting date of the PhD should not exceed 5 years.
  11. Transfer of knowledge towards countries that did not sign the non-proliferation treaty or of which the immaculate reputation regarding peaceful applications of radioactivity, scientific integrity or respect of economic rules is questioned in an international context, is conflicting with SCK CEN’s interests and values. The analysis of the application for a specific PhD project will be made on a case by case basis and in continuous interaction with the Belgian Federal Agency for Nuclear Control and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  12. The final decision about your application will be taken after the oral presentation, and will be announced following the instructions in ”Timing”.
  13. All additional enquiries regarding your application and the application procedure should be made via e-mail to academy [at] sckcen [dot] be (academy[at]sckcen[dot]be).

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