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  • SCK CEN - BR2 - laagverrijkte splijtstofstaven (2023)
    31 March '23

    Low-enriched test fuel assemblies passed with flying colors!

    Last Friday, March 24, the nuclear researchers of SCK CEN watched with wide eyes and bated breath as the BR2 research reactor was unloaded. Three low-enriched uranium test fuel elements emerged from the reactor core, where they had been for the last 60 days. They served as fuel for the Belgian research reactor for the first time. And they did it with brilliance. This is evidenced by today's positive results.

  • SCK CEN - BR2 - laagverrijkte splijtstofstaven (2023)
    23 March '23

    BR2 uses low-enriched uranium as fuel

    SCK CEN sets a course for a new world premier

    The BR2 research reactor will run with low-enriched uranium in the future. By changing to this nuclear fuel, SCK CEN helps to prevent the potential spread of highly enriched uranium – a possible part of nuclear weapons. Test-after-test the nuclear research center is on its way to its goal: a switch in 2026. Then BR2 will be the world's first research reactor with high-performance fuel on low enriched uranium. Recently, the nuclear researchers from SCK CEN received a well-deserved pat-on-the-back from the United States. For the first time, three low-enriched fuel test assemblies - just like their highly enriched brothers – demonstrated their capability and served as fuel for the Belgian research reactor.

  • 2022_Exploring-2040
    13 December '22

    Exploring 2040: more focus for more social impact

    Nuclear research centre presents 'Exploring 2040', a future and investment plan focusing on dismantling and waste, innovative nuclear systems and nuclear medicine.

    Today the brand-new Director-General Peter Baeten presented his future plan for the nuclear research centre SCK CEN: Exploring 2040. In the coming years, it will invest heavily in new infrastructure. "This infrastructure is a necessity to increase our social impact in three areas," it reads. SCK CEN wants to make a difference in global warming, the impending dismantling and the fight against cancer.