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Podcast 'Broodje Aap'

13 July '23

At the end of May, watchful passers-by could notice some activity at 't Strandje and between Goorstraat and Congovaart. This was because recordings were being made for the podcast 'Broodje Aap', a Ketnet initiative


‘Broodje Aap' is an educational podcast in which a Ketnet editor investigates, together with a local ‘Ketnetter’, whether a submitted urban legend is true or false. In this case, the (obviously fictional) story is going around that there is a World War II plane at the bottom of the lake of 't Strandje, behind the buoys.

The episode filmed at 't Strandje will be broadcast on 21/07 and is aimed at children aged 9 to 12 and their families. A good tip against boredom during a long car journey to the south or just in the garden or on a sofa.

🎙️ Listen to the podcast here.

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