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HADES research lab fully accessible again

02 December '21

In the past year and a half, EURIDICE has carried out a thorough renovation of shaft 1, the oldest access shaft to the underground laboratory HADES. These works are now behind us. Recently, the new hoisting installation, the hoisting building and the renovated shaft were put back into operation. With the renovation, SCK CEN, EURIDICE and ONDRAF/NIRAS are ensuring the accessibility of HADES for decades to come.

hades renovatie schacht
hades renovatie schacht

In order to ensure the accessibility of HADES in the future, renovation work was started last year on one of the two access shafts to the lab. The oldest access shaft, which was built in the early 1980s, was given a thorough overhaul.

The old installation, the associated buildings and the emergency ladder were removed and the shaft was completely dismantled. They created space for a custom-made hoisting installation and a new hoisting building. The renovation took approximately one and a half years.

The hoisting installation is now ready to be put into operation. This also means that the oldest access shaft can serve as an emergency exit and for transporting materials, staff and visitors. That will be the purpose for the next twenty years, because the operating permit for the underground workings of this unique laboratory was also renewed this year.

Curious about what the new access looks like?

Watch the video below about the inauguration by our Director-General Eric van Walle, Peter De Preter (Director of ESV EURIDICE GIE) and Marc Demarche (Director-General of ONDRAF/NIRAS).


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