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Emergency plan exercise on Tuesday 19 September

12 September '23

Major biennial emergency plan exercice

A major emergency plan exercise will take place at the SCK CEN site on Tuesday 19 September between 8am and 3.30pm. This biennial exercise is organised by the National Crisis Center and is conducted in cooperation with other government organisations and the Mol and Dessel city councils. You may notice the arrival and departure of the emergency services on the approach roads to SCK CEN. We emphasise that this is a fictitious scenario, in which no action is expected of residents.

2023_SCK CEN_noodplanoefening.jpg

Safety as a priority

Safety comes first at SCK CEN. We are proactive and we make every effort to avoid incidents. From considering risks in advance and strict procedures to strict safety standards and state-of-the-art measurement instruments.

And should things ever go wrong, we are prepared. We regularly practice with emergency and intervention services to test and optimise our procedures and mutual cooperation in order to be able to respond to incidents quickly and correctly.

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