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PhD Defense | Edwin Latré | Public Opinion and the Politics of Nuclear Energy

21 October '22

Name: Edwin Latré

October 21st, 2022
17h00 - 19h00

Room M001
University of Antwerp
Sint-Jacobstraat 2 - 4
2000 Antwerp

Public Opinion and the Politics of Nuclear Energy 

Nuclear energy is a controversial technological issue with a long history. It is also a politically charged theme with outspoken supporters and opponents who doggedly try to convince others of their right. Despite the prominent role of nuclear energy in the Belgian energy mix, relatively little political research has been conducted into Belgian public opinion on nuclear energy. In this doctoral research we therefore focus on public opinion regarding nuclear energy in Belgium. How does the public form its opinion on this issue and (how) are they guided by political actors? We also look at the influence of the political context. For example, we study how the nuclear accident in Fukushima affected Belgian public opinion on nuclear energy and compare it with that in a regular period. One of the central findings of our research is that public opinion on nuclear energy is significantly constructed by political actors, in particular by certain political parties. Political parties influence how the public thinks about nuclear energy based on the cues they provide to their voters.



  • Peter Thijssen (UANTWERPEN)

SCK CEN mentors:

  • Tanja Perko (SCK CEN)


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