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ECRad: Connecting early career researchers in radiation protection

17 April '24

The ECRad is being jointly organized by the German Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS), Tampere University (TU),  and the University of Hasselt & SCK CEN. It will take place on 13th and 14th of May in the Helmholtz Forschungszentrum Campus in Munich.

With this network event, we hope to expand ECRs’ professional horizons regarding current opportunities and lay the foundations for fulfilling impactful careers. This event provides an opportunity for engaging with fellow ECRs and experienced professionals with diverse perspectives. ECRs can gain valuable insights and practical advice into career paths and learn about mentorship opportunities and the various radiation protection networks in Europe.

In alignment with the core objective of fostering networking opportunities for early career researchers, this event is planned to take place in-person. The immersive in-person experience is designed to facilitate meaningful interactions, knowledge exchange, and professional relationship building among attendees.

Aim of the event is

  • To identify ECRs in the field of radiation protection and their specific needs,
  • To ignite an ECR network uniting all the ECR groups within European projects, associations and platforms,
  • To establish a BfS network of Young Researchers.

Organizers: German Federal Office for Radiation Protection, Germany; Tampere University, Finland; University of Hasselt & SCK CEN, Belgium.

Event date and timing: 13th and 14th of May 2024  Event format: on-site meeting

Event location: Helmholtz Forschungszentrum Auditorium (Munich, Germany)

Program: for download (PDF)    Flyer: for download (PDF)

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