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2019_SCK CEN - PhD & Postdoc - postdoc

Why would you choose to perform post-doctoral research at SCK CEN?

  1. Academic & research-oriented: SCK CEN ensures a close cooperation with the academic sector, combined with the unique character of our international research environment. You will work together with supportive experienced experts and use innovative facilities, specifically designed for nuclear experiments.
  2. Multidisciplinary research: Your PhD is inextricably linked with other areas of expertise, either because of the versatile character of your own subject, or indirectly thanks to knowledge exchanges with colleagues.
  3. Excellent training centre: SCK CEN is proud of its own SCK CEN Academy, which organises our own internal training courses. Obviously, you can also benefit from these opportunities and the Academy’s excellent reputation.

SCK CEN is constantly looking for new post-doctoral researchers. All research subjects are linked to a priority research domain of SCK CEN.

All available post-doctoral research programmes
2019_SCK CEN - MSc en BSc theses & stages - apply

How do I apply as post-doctoral researcher?

If you’ve seen an interesting subject among the available post-doctoral research programmes, you can apply through the online portal. You’ll find a link to this portal in the description of the subject.

Find detailed information on how to apply.

Important dates:

Deadline for your application: 25 March 2020
Pre-selection based on your application file: 27 April 2020
Oral presentation of your research subject: 18-19-20 May 2020
Notification of final result: 30 June 2020
Default starting date: 01 October 2020

2019_SCK CEN -  MSc en BSc theses & stages - huisvesting

De residentiewijk van SCK CEN

Ga ja aan de slag bij SCK CEN? Dan is een verblijf dichtbij de site mogelijk interessant. SCK CEN biedt verschillende kamers. De residentiewijk is gevestigd op een uniek groendomein van 334 hectare. Je vindt er ook het Lakehouse: het hotel, restaurant, bar en conferentiecenter van SCK CEN.

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