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  • SCK CEN - PanTera (2023)
    20 October '23

    How space innovation led to modern cancer treatments

    Reunion with SCK CEN experts ensures future production of actinium-225

    The nuclear research centre SCK CEN gets visitors from all sectors: ambassadors, politicians and scientists. Today, however, its joint venture with IBA, called PanTera, has the honour of hosting special guests: former colleagues. They were the pioneers behind actinium production to power spacecraft. And what they did not know at the time is that their work laid the foundations for innovative cancer treatments. On the Day Against Cancer, we brought both teams - those of the past and present - together to share knowledge and experiences.

  • 20231004_SCKCEN_LINAC@LNK-header
    05 October '23

    New project ‘LINAC@LNK’ focuses on better calibrations for radiotherapy and characterisation of radioactive waste

    Hitting two targets with one shot – no other idiom sums up the LINAC@LNK project so nicely. SCK CEN is purchasing a medical linear accelerator to investigate two big questions: can we make radiotherapy even more efficient? And – more surprisingly – can we also better characterize radioactive waste drums with this medical device? Big questions to which we will find answers together with ONDRAF/NIRAS – and a Belspo funding of 1 million euros.

  • 2023_I-Love-Science-header
    03 October '23

    Battle cancer at the I Love Science Festival!

    Experiments, laboratories, events, workshops and exhibitions will immerse you in the world of science and technology. This fifth edition of the I Love Science Festival will be packed with interactive stands, presenting everything from chemistry to coding, via space, artificial intelligence, robots and environmental experiments. It is a unique opportunity for young and old to learn while having fun and to awaken the scientist in everyone. 

    ... And SCK CEN will also be there! Come quickly to our stand on the weekend of 13-15 October! [Tip: stand number VB15].