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8th to 10th of September

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08/09/2021 - 10/09/2021




The international RICOMET conference provides an opportunity for extensive exchange of results between  professionals developing research in the field of social sciences and humanities (SSH) and the broader technical and scientific community involved in topics  related to ionising radiation. Communication with the general public, risk perception and ethics in relation to all nuclear applications (e.g. industry, medicine, security), natural radioactivity (e.g. radon, food industry) and radiological protection (environmental remediation, decommissioning, nuclear and radiological emergency management, low doses, communicating uncertainty, mass media communication, public understanding of ionizing radiation, and research needs) are some of the topics covered during these events.



This 7th  RICOMET edition will focus on:

•          Beyond scientific disciplinary boundaries: the future of radiation protection research and practice?
•          Making nuclear cultural heritage: An institutional challenge for the nuclear industry?
•          Investigating societal aspects of radon and NORM: improving methodology
•          Participatory approaches to environmental remediation decision-making
•          Ethics and implications for medical applications of ionizing radiation
•          Societal aspects of radon at workplaces: from legal requirements to implementation


The Belgian Nuclear Research Centre SCK CEN organizes the 7th RICOMET conference, in collaboration with international partners ad projects including the SHARE platform for Social Sciences and Humanities in Ionising Radiation Research, European Norm Association (ENA), European Radon Association (ERA), the Belgian Society for Radiation Protection, the European projects RadoNorm and  EU-RAP, the EURAMED platform for research activities in medical radiation protection, and MERIENCE.

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