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Anchoring growth through partnership

SCK CEN - Jaarverslag Highlights (2022)

Dear Reader,

I am proud of our staff. (Coronavirus) year after (coronavirus) year, they continue to give their all so we can meet our obligations to society. They are the driving force behind our research centre – the pilot of our growth.

We know from experience that we can only anchor that growth through partnership. If you want to produce groundbreaking social miracles, you need a co-pilot – a partner who shares a vision, but has mastery of a different professional discipline. In short: two partners, two specialisms, one goal and the explicit will to share.

And our will to share is great. We concluded numerous partnerships in 2021. They provide a strong stimulus, or structured framework, for the way in which we drive nuclear medicine forward, approach research into waste and disposal, and aim to achieve our largest projects. This annual report brings together all these invaluable partnerships and introduces you to our precious co-pilots. You will not only meet partners who have saved us a great many air miles, such as the Belgian company IRE or the Belgian waste manager ONDRAF/NIRAS, but we have welcomed some new co-pilots to our cockpit too. These include the Belgian aviation specialist SABCA and the Canadian start-up POINT Biopharma.

I invite you to browse through the annual report and discover the collaborations we have enthusiastically sealed with a firm handshake. Well, rather with a clumsy fist bump or an awkward elbow.

Happy reading!

Eric van Walle
Director-General at SCK CEN

Browse through the annual report and discover our collaborations.

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