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Open course: decommissioning of nuclear installations

SCK CEN - Ontmanteling en decontaminatie (2019)


As the final step of the nuclear facility life, decommissioning differs quite significantly from the operational period of life. Changing environment, development of new tools, “one shot” operations, production of huge amounts of waste, discrepancies between original design and the final layout of the facility, need for a global risk management with evolving radiation protection programme are some characteristics operators, health physicists, technicians are faced with when processing with dismantling operations. Moreover, regulatory requirements, choice for a dismantling strategy, safety and waste management, assessment and follow-up of doses, financial provisions and human resources management give still rise to many questions when a decommissioning project has to be set up. The main objective of the training course is to provide the participants with the basic requirements regarding the management of a decommissioning project and to share experience from ongoing decommissioning projects.

SCK CEN - Opleiding bij Academy (2019)

Target audience

All stakeholders such as regulators, plant managers and operators, health physicists, technical service organisations (already involved by decommissioning operations or planning such operations in the coming months of years) should take benefit from this event whose main aim is to be as close as possible to the practices by sharing experience from ongoing decommissioning projects.

SCK CEN - Opleiding bij Academy (2019)


This training course can contain the following modules:

  • Legal and regulatory framework
  • Strategies of decommissioning
  • Project management of decommissioning
  • Dismantling operations
  • Safety aspects and management of decommissioning
  • Optimisation and dismantling operations
  • Dose monitoring: Individual and workplace monitoring
  • Inventory, facility and site characterisation
  • Management and characterisation of material
  • Optimisation tools
  • Decontamination techniques
  • Case studies (BR3, BN, Thetis) A technical visit to the BR3 reactor facility (currently in the process of decommissioning) can be included in the training course.

Language and duration

This course is given in English. This 5-day training course is provided from 09h00 to 17h00, including two coffee breaks and lunch.

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