GDF SUEZ is investing 12.5 million euro in research projects of SCK•CEN


Joint press release - GDF SUEZ and SCK•CEN

Nuclear Power PlantGDF SUEZ and the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre (SCK•CEN-Mol) have signed up an R&D cooperation agreement.

This signals the continuation of cooperation that began in 2007 with a joint effort by GDF SUEZ and SCK•CEN to maintain the international excellence of Belgian research.

The new 5-year agreement, with a potential value of 12.5 million euros, will focus on a range of areas such as

  • reactor safety,
  • radioactive waste,
  • fuels,
  • knowledge of material ageing,
  • radiation protection,
  • social issues
  • education via a doctorate programme,
  • training.

The agreement will guarantee work for an average of 15 researchers over the next 5 years.