IDEAS Databases

For setup please download and read the ReadmeFirst_Ideasdatabase_2006.doc first.

Bibliographic Database

Internal Contamination Database

These 2 databases are made of:

  1. a data database: BiblioIdeas.mdb or InternalContData.mdb accessible with Microsoft® Access 2003.
  2. a program database labelled xxxProg2006.mdb in Microsoft® Access 2003 which allows you to visualise information contained in the previous databases. Program databases exist in earlier version of Microsoft® Access but are in principle not any more maintained.

If you have contamination cases which are not in the Internal Contamination database, we are very interested in these cases.
Please contact Anne Laure Lebacq at
And we will introduce these cases into the database

Evaluation Database

This database, in Microsoft® Access 2003, contains reduced information for 87 evaluations on 49 cases (17 radioisotopes) permitting to compare different evaluation’s approach on the same case scenario and allowing the link to the Internal Contamination Database were the original follow up data can be found. From the database it is possible to open the file describing each evaluation where detailed information on contractor’s approach, assumed hypotheses and parameters can be found.

The link not to be missed:
Washington State University College of Pharmacy
United States Transuranium & Uranium Registries
contains many internal contamination cases with autopsy data.
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