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Systematic assessment of Small Modular Reactors in terms of safeguards and non-proliferation

There is growing interest on the development of Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) and their applications. SMRs are advanced nuclear reactors with a nominal power of typically up to 300 MWe per unit, with modular design which can be factory manufactured and later transported to the designed site. SMRs are envisaged for power generation in remote areas or for other markets where the use of large traditional nuclear power plants may not be possible.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) recently published a supplement of the Advanced Reactor Information System (ARIS) focusing on SMRs, listing more than 80 SMRs concepts at different design phases. SMR concepts are being developed for the main reactor technologies and include water-cooled, gas-cooled, liquid-metal cooled, and molten salts reactors.


Previous research has been conducted on the application of proliferation resistance methodologies on certain designs of advanced reactors. The objective of this Master Thesis is to expand the previous research and analyze the SMRs concepts taking into account safeguards and non-proliferation aspects. Given the large number of SMRs being developed, the analysis will try to identify common design features that are relevant for safeguards. The recommendations from the analysis will inform stakeholders (e.g. vendors, regulators, inspectorates) about safeguards challenges due to design features and provide the basis for the development of safeguards approaches to SMRs.

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  • Academische bachelor

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  • Physics

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3-6 months


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