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Setting up new pH electrode and conductometer

At the chemical analysis department of Hotlab, some of the determinations that are performed is pH and Conductivity. We want to have a new instrument implemented that has more performance than our current instrument. Also we want to look at minimizing temperature influences.


  • setting up pH and Conductivity instrument
  • testing to validate instrument
  • testing temperature stabilization
  • writing workinstruction
  • writing report to insure information conservation

Het vereiste minimumdiploma van de kandidaat

  • A3: Secundair onderwijs

De vereiste achtergrondkennis van de kandidaat

  • Chemistry

Geschatte looptijd

2 weeks


Radiochemische Analysen

SCK CEN Mentor

Verpoucke Göran
gverpouc [at] sckcen.be
+32 (0)14 33 32 90