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Development of automatic "Help Authoring Tools" generator

Development of automatic "Help Authoring Tools" generator.

I'm developing ActiveX libraries for my applications. Those dynamic libraries have almost a recurrent architecture. It is possible to automate the process of creating a help file for the correct use of those libraries. Your job will be to create an application that builds automatically the index, assembles the HTML pages and refers the exposed interface to the correct help page.


Development of software for automatic documentation generation:

- 1. For VB6 class libraries. (1st student)
- 2. For VB.NET class libraries. (2nd student)

Stand alone application or Visual Studio Add-in (you have the choice).

The software must generate HTML documents for the description of the COM interface.
Links between interdependent classes.
Generation of Help Authoring Book.

Het vereiste minimumdiploma van de kandidaat

  • Academische bachelor
  • Professionele bachelor

De vereiste achtergrondkennis van de kandidaat

  • Informatics
  • Visual C++, Visual Basic or Visual Fortran


Nucleaire Ingenieursbureau

SCK CEN Mentor

Gouat Philippe
pgouat [at] sckcen.be
+32 (0)14 33 34 08