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Development of a novel laser spectroscopy apparatus for high-precision studies of radioactive isotopes at ISOL@MYRRHA

Appliquez Before applying, please consult the guidelines for application for PhD

During this PhD project, the student will design and simulate a novel laser spectroscopy apparatus, tailored to the new ISOL@MYRRHA facility under construction at SCK. The aim is to develop a beamline accommodating different techniques with the goal of accessing unexplored nuclear properties, and providing polarized beams for other experiments. The student will also have the opportunity to visit the current state-of-the-art experimental setups at world-leading radioactive ion beam facilities in order to get familiar with several techniques, which will feed into the design of the new beamline. The student will contribute to new precision hyperfine structure data on stable aluminium isotopes, required for the analysis of ongoing experiments of neutron-rich Al isotopes at ISOLDE, CERN.

Le niveau de diplôme minimum du candidat

  • Master en sciences
  • Master en sciences de l'ingénieur

Les connaissances préexistantes nécessaires

  • Physics

La durée estimée

4 years

Le groupe d'experts

Physique et Recherche Cible

SCK CEN Mentor

Popescu Lucia
lpopescu [at]
+32 (0)14 33 34 11


Koszorus Agota
agota.koszorus [at]