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What should I do if I am selected for PhD research?

After your selection you follow the following step-by-step plan:

  1. The PhD student contacts his/her university promoter in order to start the appointment process at the university.
  2. The PhD candidate needs to obtain the Academic admission to the doctoral programme.
    Depending on the nationality of the PhD student and the origin of the Master diploma, the appointment process can differ and the PhD student might be asked to submit different documents.
    A minimum of information that needs to be transferred:
    • Personal details, address and contact information;
    • Academic information: language skills, certificates of language proficiency, education, …;
    1. If the PhD student is accepted to the doctoral school, he/she will be informed by the doctoral school admission department and he/she can go to the next step in the process: the enrolment at the university. The PhD student needs to enrol at the university. Please ask the correct documents to your university promotor or to your HR contact person (for most of the universities, this is an online enrolment process).
    2. The PhD student needs to receive and sign a contract with the university, with a starting date similar to the starting date of the research agreement that will be set up between SCK CEN and the university (see next point).
      • In a parallel process, the SCK CEN Academy draws up a research agreement between the university and SCK CEN in order to settle the basic modalities between both organisations. The PhD student does not have to sign this agreement. The university needs a signed copy of this agreement in order to open a budget line for the PhD student which has to be coupled to the submitted and approved registration form of the PhD student.
      • Please take into account that the standard time for the appointment process takes at least 6 weeks for EU candidates and at least 3 months for non EU candidates. Candidates will only obtain a university admission letter when their application for all processes has a positive result. With the admission/tuition letter, provided by the university administration, foreign students can apply for a visa. Once arrived in Belgium, the foreign PhD student has to register at the Foreigners Office in Mol and needs to provide the following documents:
        • a birth certificate;
        • a medical attestation;
        • an extract of the criminal record;
        • 3 photos (passport size).
      • When the PhD student wants to rent an SCK CEN accommodation, he/she needs to contact the HR department of SCK CEN
      • Furthermore, SCK CEN needs approval of FANC (Federal Agency for Nuclear Control) for the student’s access to the SCK CEN technical site. SCK CEN needs to complete a file containing a request for security verification and has to add an extract of criminal record of your home country. Please send to the HR department (traineesHR [at] sckcen [dot] be) an extract of criminal record of your home country with official translation in Dutch, English, French or German. After receiving the extract, this will be sent immediately to the SCK CEN Access Control department.

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