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A "yield" database for the future ISOL @ MYRRHA facility

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At the future ISOL@MYRRHA facility at SCK CEN, short lived radioactive isotopes will be produced by proton induced fission and spallation of stable target materials. To assess the feasability of an experiment, the yield (the production rate) of the radioactive isotope of interets needs to be known.

The purpose of this project is to create a web based tool which gathers together all available data on a certain radioactive isotope from the web sites of other ISOL laboratories (ISOLDE at CERN and TRIUMF in Canada). Additionaly, production yields can be calculated and compared to measured yields. As such, an efficiency can be deduced which indicates how much of the initially produced radioactive isotopes can be brought to the experiments.

The web tool should provide an attractive interface for future users of the facility where all relevant information can be found.


1/ Gather data from other websites (yields, target materials, ion sources, ...) and put them in a database;

2/ Add calculated production yields in the database;

3/ Create an attractive web based interface to the database;

  - Define the interface layout

  - Define the drop down menus and options

  - Create the web page

The minimum diploma level of the candidate needs to be

  • Master of sciences
  • Master of sciences in engineering
  • Academic bachelor
  • Professional bachelor

The candidate needs to have a background in

  • Informatics
  • Physics

Expert group

Proton Target Research

SCK CEN Mentor

Van de Walle Jarno
jvdwall [at]
+32 (0)14

SCK CEN Co-mentor

Popescu Lucia
lpopescu [at]
+32 (0)14 33 34 11