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Sustainability: together we can achieve better solutions

Many industrial activities process raw materials containing naturally occurring radioactivity. Such activities include for instance mining of ores, production of coal, oil and gas, or industrial minerals, such as phosphate or clay.

This may give rise to environmental pollution and the need to take remediation actions to mitigate potential risks.

To be considered sustainable, a remediation project should take into account not only the environmental and economic aspects, but also the social ones (health, culture, social relations, sense of belonging…). At SCK CEN we conduct research to show how societal priorities, values and concerns can be included into decisions regarding site remediation.

Choose the answer that helps build bridges between science and society

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Environment, economy and society are the 3 dimensions of sustainability. What do you think is the best way to represent the connections between these 3 dimensions in a remediation project?

  • In this representation, environmental aspects influence the economy which in turn affects the society. However, the three dimensions of sustainability are mutually influencing each other. For this reason, they should be represented in a more balanced way.

    Can you think of a better answer?

  • While social aspects must be taken into account in site remediation projects, these should not prevail over environmental or economic considerations. In order to balance societal needs and technical solutions, it is important to involve both local people and experts from different fields in the discussion about site remediation. Acting sustainably means finding an equilibrium between different priorities.

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  • The aim of sustainable environmental remediation is to find solutions that take into account the economic, environmental and social dimensions in an equal and comprehensive way.

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