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Reliable partner for dosimetry

For more than 50 years already, SCK CEN is a reliable, high-quality dosimetry partner.

Our customers from Belgium and abroad can count on:

  • Our dosimeters perform accurate measurements and our specialists meticulously monitor the measurement results. If a dose limit is exceeded, SCK CEN immediately alerts the customer.

  • All current dosimeter subscriptions are managed and registered in an online platform. Customers can at all times consult their data online, adjust data, add new and delete former employees, apply for extra dosimeters...

  • Since 2014, the dose data of personnel must be sent electronically to the Federal Agency for Nuclear Control (FANC). SCK CEN helps to draw up the required documents or tables for the reports to this government agency.

SCK CEN - Dosimeter Inlight (2019)

Personal dosimetry and ambient dosimetry

SCK CEN listens to your needs and requirements and adapts the choice of dosimeter to them. The research centre acts as your partner in three areas: personal dosimetry, ambient dosimetry and reactor dosimetry.
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SCK CEN - Dosimetrie (2019)

Reactor dosimetry

The purpose of reactor dosimetry is to determine neutron fluxes. In this process, the total distance travelled by all free neutrons in a given time period and volume and in different situations is calibrated. One of the most common techniques for this is the ‘neutron activation technique’. To this end, the monitoring capsules in nuclear reactors are usually equipped with activation wires or foils (dosimeters). After an irradiation, the neutron flux to which the capsule was exposed can then be established on the basis of the measured dosimeter activity.

Examples of our standard solutions:

  • Monitoring dosimetry for nuclear reactors
  • Dosimetry for experiments with research reactors
  • Retrospective dosimetry
  • Consultancy


Thanks to the many R&D activities and services offered by it for many years already, SCK CEN has comprehensive experience in the field of reactor dosimetry. The reactor dosimetry laboratory received its first accreditation in 1998. Today, the laboratory has a BELAC accreditation for its services according to ISO/IEC 17025:2005.

Our infrastructure is equipped with high-purity germanium detectors used for gamma and X-ray spectrometry measurements at high resolutions.

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