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Dismantling & decontamination

Globally recognised expertise tailored to your needs

After a nuclear installation has been shut down for good, it will have to be safely dismantled and decontaminated. SCK CEN disseminates the unique expertise that it has developed with the dismantling of the BR3 reactor for other nuclear installation dismantling projects, both on a national and international level. The biggest challenge when dismantling a nuclear plant is finding the right balance between safety and economic feasibility. In this regard, BR3 gave us a unique learning experience. It brought our research institute global recognition for our technical and administrative expertise in dismantling reactors.

Customised overall solutions

SCK CEN offers its customers tailor-made solutions for the complete dismantling and decontamination of nuclear facilities. Our offer includes, among others:

  • Complete project management, including drawing up a dismantling plan, inventory and detailed cost estimate (including waste disposal costs)
  • Assessment and execution of decontamination and dismantling techniques
  • Development of customised techniques
  • Definition of and supervision on materials management
  • Organising the evacuation of fuel
  • All formalities for obtaining the necessary permits
  • Optimisation of radiation protection of employees (ALARA)
  • Measurements required for releasing materials, installations, buildings and sites

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