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SCK CEN & the medical sector

SCK CEN supports and advises you for activities in the field of radiology, nuclear medicine, dentistry and the general protection of patients and employees. Since its creation, the Centre has been offering quality services to the medical sector in Belgium and abroad.

Get to know our services

  • SCK CEN - Dosimetrie (2019)

    Dosimetry (personal & environment)

    Precisely measure radiation doses with our authorised dosimeters and follow the results up together with us.

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  • SCK CEN - Antropogammametrie (2019)

    Whole-body counting

    Detect internal radioactive contamination in people with a little help from our experts and our infrastructure at SCK CEN.

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  • SCK CEN - Stralingsbescherming (2019)

    Radiation protection

    How to keep exposure to ionising radiation to a minimum? SCK CEN advises and offers specific software to better visualise the behaviour of radiation.

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  • SCK CEN - Infrastructuur BR2 (2019)

    Production of radioisotopes

    SCK CEN is one of the key players in the international production and distribution of medical radioisotopes.

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