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Chapter 4: Fukushima and Belgium

Online teaching material ‘Life after Fukushima’ study pack

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"As in Japan, there are nuclear reactors active in Belgium (seven in total). In this section, I will take you to learn more about how radioactivity is monitored in Belgium and what precautions you can take in the event of a nuclear accident."


Do you know what to do in the event of a nuclear accident? Watch this clip and write down the measures you can take in your workbook (part 4). You can also complete the task via this link.

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Radioactivity monitoring in Belgium

In Belgium, there are several authorities with responsibility for the safety of our nuclear reactors. These include SCK CEN (Belgian Nuclear Research Centre) and FANC (Federal Agency for Nuclear Control). In addition to these bodies, citizens and NGOs are also actively measuring radioactivity, including Greenpeace.

The TELERAD network in Belgium is a network of measuring devices that continuously monitors radioactivity and raises an alarm if any irregularities occur. On the website of the TELERAD network, you can not only look up the location of the nuclear reactors in Belgium, but also see where the measuring stations are.

Do you know where the nearest station is in your area? Look it up.

Go to


Compare the values from the TELERAD measuring station with the values measured at the Fukushima train station.
Use the following two websites to do this:

Write down the values in your workbook (part 4) or complete the exercise via this link.

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