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STEM for the future

Have you heard about STEM? No?

Nonetheless, STEM is essential to our lives.


STEM (Science – Technology – Engineering – Mathematics) represents a range of technological, technical, exact science and mathematics courses and professions.

You might immediately think of engineers or computer programmers, but STEM is much more than that. It includes the new technology in the hybrid vehicles that take you to school, the modern equipment that saves lives every day in hospitals, or simply the power plant that might now be making sure you don't have to read this in the dark.

Today's society needs people with a STEM profile. People with a knack for maths, science, engineering and technology. This is why it is important that young people choose STEM and build a professional career in STEM. 

You can find these STEM disciplines from the 1st grade to the 3rd grade of secondary education, but after that you can find a large number of STEM study courses in higher education too. Consult the Education Flanders study selector for STEM directions and STEM professions.

Through the Flemish STEM Charter, which was also signed by SCK CEN, all parties involved undertake to strengthen, broaden, deepen and align their pro-STEM initiatives through this partnership. The charter is consistent with the Flemish government's STEM Action Plan. It brings together all the forces from the economic, social, scientific, technological and educational worlds to write an attractive STEM story together.

Because we need a wide range of STEM profiles in the nuclear sector too. This is why we are also supporting specific academic training that leads to the radiation experts and nuclear engineers of tomorrow with the SCK CEN Academy. Find out what profiles we need in the nuclear sector, or read more about the academic programmes we support.

Want to know what profiles we need at the research centre? Then consult our current job vacancies.

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