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SCK CEN Academy

Building bridges between nuclear sciences and society


For and by nuclear science

The SCK CEN Academy aims to assure a competent workforce in industry, healthcare, research and policy organizations, and to ensure the transfer of nuclear knowledge to the next generations.

Its main tasks are:

  • Organizing academic courses for students and customized training for professionals
  • Supervising internships and theses of students and young researchers
  • Supporting the policy on education and training matters
  • Contributing to science communication aimed at pupils, teachers and the public
  • Stimulating critical reflections on nuclear topics

How does SCK CEN Academy maintain the knowledge, skills and attitudes in the nuclear sector?

  • SCK CEN experts supervise bachelor, master and doctoral students in the context of their thesis or work placement.

    Are you looking for a subject for your thesis or internship? See here!

  • The SCK CEN Academy works together with the Belgian universities and contributes to academic courses for students. Many of our scientists teach in these courses, and students come to SCK CEN for practical exercises in our labs and nuclear installations.

    Through tailor-made courses we ensure that professionals from industry, the medical world, research organisations and government institutions stay abreast of the latest developments in the sector.

    Are you looking for a specific training in a nuclear theme? Ask for them or check them out here!

  • Harmonisation of training and recognition of competencies at national and international level is crucial. SCK CEN Academy participates in projects and advisory boards, thus contributing to international standards and policy. We also take the lead in the organisation of conferences and workshops on training in nuclear sciences and technology.

  • There is much to discover in the technical field of SCK CEN: groundbreaking research, innovative technologies and unique infrastructures. We do not want to keep all this beauty hidden and are happy to immerse pupils and teachers in the fascinating world of nuclear science and technology. This is why SCK CEN Academy organises numerous activities, projects and competitions in support of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) courses. We also actively contribute to public science exhibitions and events.

  • Nuclear technology attracts attention and triggers opinions in society. Research and policy must also take into account social, political and ethical aspects of the use of the technology. Therefore, we also want to sharpen the critical minds of our students and trainees, and ask profound questions in our courses that go beyond the purely technical. To this end, we work closely with our social and human scientists from the PISA group.

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