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INSPIRATION: SCK CEN's sustainable commitment to the South

Since 2012, SCK CEN is fully committed to Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs. This Belgian organization aims to promote sustainable economic growth in developing countries by building relationships between entrepreneurs in the North and in the South. A mission that fits perfectly with the corporate culture of our research centre, where values such as responsibility, innovation, knowledge transfer and sustainability are the heart of the organisation.

For this commitment to Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs, we have to thank first and foremost our volunteers and their motivation, who enthusiastically share their expertise and ideas. It is them who conceived and developed our project, called INSPIRATION (INtroduction of SPIRrulina in Equatorial Africa To Improve loOcal Nutrition) based on our research in the context of space exploration.

INSPIRATION Spirulina (2019)

Fight against chronic malnutrition

Through the INSPIRATION project, we aim to develop and support the cultivation of the cyanobacteria spirulina. The bacteria is highly nutritious and can therefore make an important contribution to the fight against chronic malnutrition which currently affects 43% of all children under five in Congo.

In 2015, the INSPIRATION project saw the light in the regions of Mooto and Mbandaka where the first cultivation tanks were built. Our microbiologists assisted in building the tanks, searching for adequate water sources and analysing the culture. This was done on site and remotely.

INSPIRATION Spirulina (2019)

The project took a new step forward in 2017 with the start of a collaboration with the Université Pédagogique Nationale (UPN) de Kinshasa. The objective is to develop greater knowledge about the cultivation of spirulina and to create a pedagogical component to raise awareness among local population and to educate them. Next step forward, the UPN will further refine the cultivation of spirulina, increase production and process the culture, so that this can be introduced as a food supplement for malnourished children.

Become a partner

Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs and SCK CEN are looking for partners from various regions (and countries) willing to support the project. Interested? Send an email to inspiration [at] sckcen [dot] be.

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