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Participation: your voice matters!

How we produce energy has an impact. Not only on you, but also on your immediate surroundings and even on the whole of society. Think about climate change, environmental pollution or your energy bill.

Dealing with such complex questions requires multiple insights, experiences and knowledge from all parts of society, including citizens. This diversity is indispensable for politicians to get to the heart of the debate and for scientists to conduct well-considered research

Choose the answer that helps build bridges between science and society

(Nuclear) Energy is a complex debate. Why is it important that citizens participate in this debate?

  • That's right! By including citizens' knowledge, insights and values in the debate, better decisions can be made. This form of participation is also in line with our democratic society.

    Well done! Take a photo and show society that you are a bridge builder too.

  • Providing information and transparency are very important. Yet, real 'participation' requires more than one-way communication. It should give people a voice in the decision making process.

    Can you think of a better answer?

  • That would only lead to discontent and undermine trust.

    Can you think of a better answer?

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