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Annual reports of SCK CEN

On this page you will find an overview of all previous annual reports published by the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre.


  • 2019 was defined by the call for a better future. We attended climate marches, helped refugees and made charitable donations. We, as citizens, have proven to be very generous to each other. How does SCK CEN fit into this scenario?

    Discover the answer to this question in our annual report “Highlights 2019”! We look back at the efforts we made for society and the opportunities this work creates in the short, medium or long term. Glance through the annual report, travel through time and be amazed by the thousands of dimension of tomorrow.

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  • Pioneering. The passion of pioneering is a key element of our research centre’s DNA. Our research is not limited by the boundaries of what we know. We explore. We sound out the frontiers of knowledge. We have the guts to challenge ourselves and conquer unknown territories. We continue to move up a gear.

    We always go the extra mile. An extra mile in our preparations, operations and finishing. Always considering both man and environment. I kindly invite you to browse through this annual report and to join us in going the extra mile.

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  • A small lump in the neck, nothing more. Cancer, according to the diagnosis. More than 65,000 Belgians are diagnosed with cancer every year. This figure is expected to increase to some 80,000 by 2025. This means that an average of 200 people will be receiving bad news every day.

    We are proud that our centre can play a role in the fight against cancer. In 2017, we made greater strides than ever before. On the one hand, we met the global demand for medical radioisotopes, increase the radiation capacity and produced other radioisotopes. On the other hand, we made the MYRRHA research installation concrete. In the future, MYRRHA will contribute to producing of new radioisotopes and to developing less-invasive cancer treatments.

    2017 was also the year in which we pushed boundaries for undertaking new challenges. In Belgium and abroad. On earth and in space. In short: 2017 was a year of dreams and breakthroughs.

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  • The years go by and times change: 2015 was filled with all sorts of challenges, while 2016 proved to be even more tumultuous, with a series of unplanned actions on top of our planned projects. However, it has not prevented us from completing all of our ambitious projects, as you will see in this annual report.

    Our new strategic plan reshaped the future of our research centre. More than ever, we wanted to focus our efforts on the key areas in which, thanks to our scientists, our expertise and our unique infrastructures, we are able to create real added value for our society. Nuclear medicine and nuclear applications are the cornerstones of our strategic plan and gave rhythm to the activities of SCK CEN. In the future, they will more than ever be at the core of our research.

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