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  • Engineering

    Accelerator Thermomechanical Design Engineer

    • Deliver the design of beam intercepting devices/various beam dumps and the radiation shielding(s) surrounding these devices
    • Define and implement the instrumentation and controls for the operation of these devices
    • Integration with the accelerator equipment and the buildings
    • Master Degree in (Industrial) Engineering  (electromechanics, thermohydraulics ...)
  • Engineering

    Building and System Integrator

    • master’s diploma in Engineering Sciences (MSc)
    • experience as System Integrator
    • an important role in a ‘one of a kind’ project
    • technically challenging
  • Engineering

    Electromechanical Engineer

    • work out the conceptual and detailed design
    • master of Science degree in (electro)mechanical engineering
    • experience with 3D modelling
    • experience in producing P&IDs and technical drawings
  • Engineering

    Nuclear Design Engineer

    • define the requirements for hot cells
    • contribute to the design of the vacuum system
    • master of Science in nuclear engineering
    • professional experience in a nuclear facility
  • Engineering

    Project Engineer Security

    • Master's degree in Engineering or another Master’s programme (criminology, applied economics, commercial engineer...)
    • Strong affinity with technology
    • projects related to both physical security and ICT security
    • Top technology
  • Engineering

    Safety Engineer

    • ensure the safety of our accelerator
    • write policies and identify hazards
    • contribute to radiological safety studies
    • establish the fire safety strategy