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Would you like to work at SCK CEN, but don't see any suitable vacancies at the moment? 
In that case we gladly receive your unsolicited application.

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  • Engineering

    Nuclear Design Engineer

    • define the requirements for hot cells
    • contribute to the design of the vacuum system
    • master of Science in nuclear engineering
    • professional experience in a nuclear facility
  • Management & operations

    Financial Advisor

    • Master in een economische richting
    • Kennis Belgische boekhoud- en fiscale wetgeving
    • Vlot 3-talig (N,F en E)
    • Analytische skills
  • Management & operations


    Bachelor in Accountacy-Fiscaliteit

    Kennis Belgische boekhoudwetgeving

    Nauwkeurig werken


  • Engineering

    Project Engineer

    • contribute to the Long Term Operation of our BR2-reactor
    • responsible for technical renovation projects
    • master in engineering in civil or mechanical engineering
    • 6 year contract