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Thermomechanical engineer

  • contribute to a very interesting technical feasibility study
  • thermomechanical analysis
  • 4 year contract
  • challenging and international environment
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Are you the thermomechanical engineer we are looking for?

The activities of the Proton Target Research (PTR) unit are related to isotopes production at high-power accelerator-based facilities. Besides the physics of the isotopes production, PTR works on the design of the primary systems of a production unit and provides the necessary input for the development of the entire facility around these primary systems. The main focus of the activities are dedicated to the ISOL facility of MYRRHA (embedded within MINERVA). Other activities are bound to R&D for medical isotopes production, of current scope of Tb-IRMA-V and PRISMAP projects. More recently, PTR is contributing to the actinium-project with the aim to develop a technical feasibility study for the production of Ac-225 by use of Ra-226 targets.
The PTR unit is part of the Accelerator and Target Research (ATR) group in the Advanced Nuclear Systems (ANS) institute of SCK CEN. We are currently looking to extend our team with a Thermomechanical Engineer who will be contributing to the actinium-project. More specific will you contribute to:

  • concept definition of the target assembly (3D model)  
  • thermomechanical analysis of the target assembly; computational analysis for the heat management and mechanical integrity of the target assembly
  • preliminary risk-analysis of the selected option with identification of the key elements to be addressed in the basic design stage
  • concept definition of the target manipulation; 3D modelling of the selected concept for the target handling system connecting the irradiation-cell to the radiochemistry-cell
  • 1st-order failure analysis to be put at the basis of the safety analysis

To join this frontier, you'll need

  • Master’s degree in engineering sciences, preferably in electromechanical engineering;
  • proven experience in the design of interdisciplinary systems (mechanical, thermal, hydraulic and electrical)
  • background in nuclear engineering is a plus (shielding, heat generation, remote handling …)
  • proficient in the use of all engineering tools required (3D modelling, finite element modeling, back-of-the-envelope methods, …)
  • problem-solving mentality, capable of taking the design from its first feasibility study through the different design phases into implementation
  • fluency in English (with the ability to draw up technical specifications & reports and to make oral presentations). Knowledge of French or Dutch is a plus or willing to follow language courses.


Evi Belmans
evi.belmans [at]