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Senior bioinformatician

  • Developing tailored bioinformatics pipelines
  • Research position
  • PhD or experienced master
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Are you passionate about bioinformatics and research?

In our interdisciplinary bio sciences team, human cells, mice, plants and microorganisms are exposed to ionising radiation and subsequently examined with the most advanced molecular and cellular techniques to bridge knowledge gaps in the short and long term biological effects of radiation. With this research we aim the development of innovative solutions for the nuclear-, medical- and space sector.

To support us in this effort we are looking for an experienced senior bioinformatician to join the microbiology team, as a part of the broader interdisciplinary biosciences team. You will contribute to the strategic research of SCK CEN on the biological impact of radioactivity and radiation in nuclear-, space- and medical applications, and take responsibility for developing and guiding the bio-informatics research. More specifically, your position will entail the following:

  • You develop tailored bioinformatics analysis pipelines for a wide range of our high-throughput sequencing data (microbiome, (meta)genomics, comparative genomics, transcriptomics, etc.), and the data produced within our in-house facilities (incl. proteomics, microscopy and flowcytometery platforms), including the integration of all those data using a systems biology approach.
  • You take the lead for the design and writing of new research proposals, or collaborations with scientific partners and industry, to attract funding.
  • You will initiate new PhD projects and coach/mentor students during their doctoral research, or their Master and Bachelor thesis work.
  • You will take the lead in converting the bioinformatics expertise into scientific publications, and present your results at national and international conferences and symposia.
  • You use your technology watch skills to follow trends in new technologies and bioinformatics approaches, and you are the driving force for the integration of novel bioinformatics tools.
  • You help developing and guiding the bio-informatics research towards valuable applications,  with a clear vision for the future.   
  • You use your knowledge for coaching and training your colleagues on bioinformatics and biostatistics, within their research and project proposals.
  • You support the maintenance of the bioinformatics infrastructure including data back-up, server maintenance, server user management, bioinformatics software installation and updates.

To join this frontier, you'll need

  • a PhD degree in Bioinformatics or Computational Biology or a master degree with at least 10 year experience within these fields
  • hands-on-experience with bioinformatics tools for the data analysis of high-throughput biological data
  • knowledge and experience with Unix/Linux
  • expertise in one or more scripting and programming languages such as Perl, Python , Java, C++
  • good scientific writing and presentation skills
  • fluent spoken and written communication in English, Dutch or French
  • to be passionate about science, self-motivated and naturally take ownership, and capable of independently planning your daily work
  • to be a team player with an open communication style and capable to work in a multidisciplinary, multicultural and multilingual environment

Nice to have:

  • a PostDoc, or equivalent job experience in the field of bioinformatics, and ideally in the field of proteomics data analysis
  • experience in the field of microbiology and hands-on-experiences with microbiology
  • a good understanding of statistics and statistical data analysis
  • being familiar with the R environment and the use of BioConductor and other R-based programs
  • experience in database management (with knowledge of PostgreSQL, mySQL, PHP, …)


An-Sofie Craninx
an-sofie.craninx [at]