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Safety Engineer

  • ensure the safety of our accelerator
  • write policies and identify hazards
  • contribute to radiological safety studies
  • establish the fire safety strategy
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Can you ensure the safety of our MINERVA-accelerator?

MYRRHA will be the world’s first sub-critical particle accelerator driven reactor, cooled by a lead-bismuth eutectic. Our main mission is to build MYRRHA and use it as a research reactor. But there’s still a lot of work to be done, such as constructing MINERVA – the project’s first phase that consists of a particle accelerator and a proton target facility. We are ready to build this particle accelerator? Are you?

As a Safety engineer you will:

  • write the policies and working procedures associated with the management of non-radiological hazards
  • identify potential non-radiological hazards that may occur within the MINERVA facility during commissioning, operation, maintenance and decommissioning
  • analyse the associated risks for each identified hazard and define and describe the measures to be taken to prevent or mitigate the risk to an acceptable level
  • perform the analysis of potential accident scenarios associated with non-radiological events, identify possible consequences and propose safety-related features
  • follow up the design implementation and assess the coherence with the established safety requirements
  • set the Fire Safety strategy for the Minerva facility and ensure the implementation of the fire protection system in the design
  • be responsible for the performing of the environmental impact analysis related to non-radiological hazards
  • be responsible for preparing the documentation related to non-radiological hazards as is necessary for the legal authorisation of the facility
  • contribute to the radiological safety studies performed within the group
  • contribute to the deliverables to be submitted to national authorities in view of radiological licensing

To join this frontier, you'll need

  • a Master’s and/or PhD degree in physics, technical engineering or equivalent
  • familiarity with technical installations in the nuclear or particle physics domain
  • at least 3 years’ experience with technical project coordination
  • experience in safety assessments and in writing safety-related documentation to be submitted for implementation/operation approval
  • being familiar with technical projects and with scientific/technical R&D environment is an asset
  • excellent language skills in Dutch, English and French
  • open-minded and communicative


Tomas Sergooris
tomas.sergooris [at]