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Researcher pyroprocessing / pyrochemistry

  • unique chance to be part of a successful and dedicated development team specialized in radiochemistry and process chemistry on semi-industrial scale
  • you contribute to the development of state of the art process installations for high-temperature (electro)chemistry integrated in glove boxes
  • you have a shared responsibility for the development of novel pyrochemical processes and the design of the according process installations
  • degree of Master or PhD in the domains of Chemical Engineering (Technology), Chemistry or Nuclear Technology
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Will you play an important role in climate-neutral energy production?

SCK CEN wants to play an important role in climate-neutral energy production. That’s why we want to pave the way for innovative Small Modular Reactors (SMRs).  By 2035-2040, we aim to build a Belgian demonstrator of the first lead-cooled SMR. The demonstration model will be developed in collaboration with national and international industrial partners.

Closing the nuclear fuel cycle is essential to reach the full benefit of waste minimization and resource optimization of a new generation of SMRs. Pyroprocessing is a promising technology to purify Spent Nuclear Fuel (SNF) applying an electrochemical separation in high-temperature molten salts. The technique allows processing of short-cooled SNF with an intense radiation level due to the inherent radiolysis resistance of molten salts. This enables fuel cycles of limited life times. Additionally, pyroprocessing produces highly proliferation resistant product streams, less radioactive waste and requires small footprint installations allowing on-site reprocessing.

Are you looking for a new professional challenge where you can develop your talents and lift your skills to a higher level? Do you like working in a team with enthusiastic colleagues? Do not hesitate and send in your candidature.
As a researcher pyroprocessing in the radiochemistry team you will contribute to the development of state of the art pyrochemical processes to support the development of Small Modular Reactors (SMR).
Your detailed responsibilities are:

  • you gather knowledge on high-temperature (electro)chemical processes through scientific literature, participation to conferences and networking, and by performing experimental research
  • you design and implement innovative chemical process installations in collaboration with the internal design office at SCK CEN
  • you organize and perform chemical experiments and determine, optimize and validate chemical process parameters
  • you lead the safety studies and risk assessments towards operational licenses and permits required to get permission to conduct the experiments
  • you critically analyze and process experimental results in internal reports, scientific publications and presentations at international conferences and project meetings
  • you collaborate with a team of researchers, engineers and lab technicians
  • you efficiently interact with suppliers and stakeholders
  • you apply your gathered expertise to support other projects and researchers within the radiochemistry team

To join this frontier, you'll need

  • degree of Master or PhD in the domains of Chemical Engineering (Technology), Chemistry or Nuclear Technology
  • expertise in electrochemistry or molten salt chemistry is a strong asset
  • experience with design and development of chemical process installations or experience with inert atmosphere glove boxes is an asset
  • willing to work with radioactive materials in controlled areas
  • creative, result-oriented and independent
  • team player with good organizational and personal skills
  • strong in summarizing, reporting and presenting scientific data in a comprehensible way
  • good knowledge of English is essential, knowledge of Dutch is an asset
  • contract for minimum 4 years (extension possible)


Tomas Sergooris
tomas.sergooris [at]