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Researcher preclinical studies of radiopharmaceuticals

  • highly interesting scientific position on the bridge to industry
  • research on radiopharmaceuticals for targeted radionuclide therapy
  • preclinical trials
  • PhD or experienced master
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Will you join us in our fight against cancer?

With the NURA program, SCK CEN is contributing to the development of the next-generation radiopharmaceuticals for targeted radionuclide therapy (TRT). More specifically, NURA performs research into TRT radiopharmaceuticals for treating different types of cancer in collaboration with academic, clinical and industrial partners (
With the expertise in assessing radiation-induced effects on human health, the SCK CEN Radiobiology Research team executes dedicated research through preclinical studies that aim at increasing the understanding of the fundamental mechanisms of TRT radiopharmaceuticals ( As a Contract Research Organization (CRO), SCK CEN also supports clinical, pharmaceutical and industrial partners in the R&D of promising TRT radiopharmaceuticals.

We are looking for a senior researcher to join both our Radiobiology and CRO teams to perform preclinical validation and biological research studies of TRT radiopharmaceuticals. This is a great opportunity to set your mark in a developing CRO in the radiopharmaceutical field.
More specifically, your position will entail the following:

  • You actively participate in the study design and execution of experimental preclinical studies devoted to in vitro and in vivo research regarding TRT radiopharmaceuticals.
  • You develop a panel of molecular tests to assess the therapeutic potential and cytotoxic character of TRT radiopharmaceuticals on cancer and normal tissues.
  • You optimize and implement standard and emerging techniques for preclinical validation of radiopharmaceuticals such as in vivo SPECT-CT imaging and in vitro cell studies of oncology models.
  • You ensure that the preclinical studies are carried out in compliance with the appropriate regulatory, ethical and animal welfare guidelines and standards.
  • You play an active role in developing and executing the NURA Radiobiology research strategy.
  • You collaborate with the Radiochemistry and Dosimetry research teams for upfront radiolabeling protocols and following dosimetric analyses.
  • You write, submit and coordinate European and national projects together with academic, clinical and industrial partners.
  • You guide PhD and MSc students, and lab technicians.
  • You write scientific articles and give presentations at conferences.
  • You teach and train staff in expert knowledge and experimental protocols in the field of TRT radiopharmaceuticals.

To join this frontier, you'll need

  • MSc (with in addition at least 5 years working experience), a PhD  in biomedical sciences, bioengineering sciences, biology, pharmacy, (radio)pharmacology, or MD
  • relevant professional experience in radiopharmaceutical research
  • knowledge of molecular & cellular biology and SPECT-CT imaging
  • knowledge of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and relevant professional experience of conducting preclinical trials in general
  • ability to initiate and maintain collaborations with multidisciplinary internal teams and external academic, clinical and industrial partners
  • good communication, organizational and interpersonal skills
  • creative and result driven mind-set
  • good knowledge of English, Dutch or French

As a plus:

  • attest FELASA Cat C


An-Sofie Craninx
an-sofie.craninx [at]