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Research Project Leader

  • coupled reactive transport in soil-aquifer systems
  • international multidisciplinary team
  • various projects including NORM projects
  • PhD or experienced master
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Will you become our research project leader with an excellent knowledge of modelling subsurface fate and transport of radionuclides?

SCK CEN is an expert in assessing the radiological impact on humans and the environment of contaminated legacy sites or future radioactive waste disposal sites.
The EGA (Analysis of Artificial and Geosystems) team plays a crucial role given its expertise in developing hydrogeological 3D models, performing calculations of water flows, producing interesting animations/visualisations or usage of data on subsurface heat distribution. To strengthen our EGA team, we are looking for a research project leader.
Your research will focus on modelling flow, transport and geochemistry in the coupled saturated-unsaturated subsurface natural system. You will be developing and leading projects and lead the project team in the field of management of legacy sites with mixed NORM/heavy metal contamination in a national and international context. Your expertise in coupled reactive transport with a focus on the environmental factors complements our current scientific team. You will have the following responsibilities:

  • Contribute to RD&D studies on reactive transport and the behavior of radionuclides in coupled saturated (groundwater) – unsaturated (soils) systems
  • Soil hydrological flow modelling in support of groundwater modelling studies
  • Perform consultancy work and develop project proposals and manage projects related to the characterization and performance and impact assessment of legacy sites polluted with NORM or mixed pollutants (e.g., NORM and heavy metals)
  • Report results to external and internal clients and to the scientific community through progress meetings, reporting and scientific publications
  • Develop networking activities in the field

In addition, supportive activities can also be developed regarding:

  • Numerical studies and activities for interpreting experimental data using coupled reactive transport codes
  • Experimental and numerical developments for a large in-situ cover experiment

To join this frontier, you'll need

  • Master’s degree in engineering or science (with several years of work experience) or a PhD’s degree in engineering or science
  • good knowledge of numerical modelling of flow and transport in subsurface conditions and the integration of (bio)geochemical processes
  • experience in project management
  • good management and communication skills to work in multidisciplinary teams and projects.


  • knowledge on GIS (geografic information system)
  • background in one or more computer codes used at EGA (MODFLOW, MT3D, HYDRUS, PHREEQC) or experience with similar codes
  • background in scripting or programming with python, R, FORTRAN or C++


An-Sofie Craninx
an-sofie.craninx [at]