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Reliability and Systems Engineer

  • define continuous integration pipelines/toolchains
  • manage implementation, configuration and operation of the development services
  • create training materials and provide training to users
  • based in Mol
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We are ready to build this accelerator. Are you?

MYRRHA will be the world’s first sub-critical, particle accelerator-driven reactor to safely produce nuclear energy while solving the nuclear waste issue. But there’s still a lot of work to be done, such as constructing MINERVA – the project’s first implementation phase that consists of a 100 MeV high-power, superconducting particle accelerator and a proton target facility for the development of (new) medical radioisotopes.
The beam commissioning of this accelerator facility is scheduled for early 2027.
As the Reliability and Systems Engineer, you will be responsible to help expand DevOps practices for the development and operation of the software-based systems for the accelerator and proton target facilities. These activities have to be in line with MINERVA and SCK CEN processes and make use of existing services where possible. You will also manage the implementation, configuration and operation of these systems. For this, you will report to the DevOps Team Leader and work very closely with project engineers, external partners and the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) department of SCK CEN.

  • define continuous integration pipelines/toolchains to build, package, test, release and deploy software
  • manage implementation, configuration and operation (maintenance, monitoring, backup and recovery) of the development services
  • align in-house processes, policies and tools with external development partners
  • create guidelines and training material
  • coach and train users, primarily software and electronic engineers
  • contribute to the requirements and design for operational ICT services for MINERVA

To join this frontier, you'll need

  • a Master’s degree in software engineering, computing or equivalent practical experience

practical experience with:

  • system administration, preferably Linux (RHEL) systems
  • network administration - routing, switching, firewalling
  • authentication and Authorization (AD, LDAP, Kerberos)
  • system and hardware monitoring tools (Prometheus, Grafana, Nagios, Icinga, MonitorNOW, …)
  • 5+ years of relevant working experience
  • able to write scripts in PowerShell, Bash and Python
  • knowledge of basic networking and security best practices
  • being proactive and interested in designing and maintaining heterogeneous systems
  • spoken and written knowledge of English with the ability to draw up technical texts.

any of the following skills might be advantageous:

  • knowledge of additional programming or scripting languages
  • server administration (including Docker, VMWare, KVM)

experience with

  • infrastructure-as-a-code tooling, i.e. Packer, Ansible and Terraform
  • database administration, i.e. Oracle, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, InfluxDB
  • storage and Backup solutions


Tomas Sergooris
tomas.sergooris [at]