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Project Engineer Security

  • Master's degree in Engineering or another Master’s programme (criminology, applied economics, commercial engineer...)
  • Strong affinity with technology
  • projects related to both physical security and ICT security
  • Top technology
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Become the new member of our state of the art security office!

You are responsible for the design of access control and security facilities and processes of the first phase of one of SCK•CEN’s main projects for the next decades, MYRRHA. The first phase, called MINERVA, consists in the construction of particle accelerator which will drive MYRRHA’s reactor.

As a Project Engineer Security at SCK•CEN, you will be working in an intriguing, state-of-the-art environment: a security office within a nuclear research centre. Together with 10 colleagues, security engineers and officers, you will watch over the safety of everyone. Besides, you will also work closely with the MINERVA design team.

As a Project Engineer Security, you are responsible for:

  • designing the physical and ICT security systems for new facilities, in accordance with the main design of the project. Integrating these and setting up all interfaces with the general access control and security systems.
  • modelling these security systems and setting up certification dossier.
  • describing the specifications for procurement files.
  • setting up test programs (acceptance and performance tests) and operation and maintenance programs (instructions and procedures).
  • assessing processes that have an impact on technical components from the physical security system and developing a reporting system to notify and follow up defects.

To join this frontier, you'll need

  • Master’s degree, preferably in engineering, with an interest in security issues, or any other Master’s degree (criminology, applied economic sciences, business engineer, ...) with a strong affinity with engineering;
  • basic insight in security; knowledge of traditional security threats and weaknesses (both for physical security as for ICT security);
  • knowledge of the technology used in intrusion detection, camera surveillance and access control is preferred;
  • an additional training on information security or information security management is an asset;
  • a broad scientific interest and an analytical and critical mind;
  • experience in setting up and managing processes and technical files and/or experience in setting up SLA’s with external parties is welcome;
  • good communication skills, orally as well as in writing, in English, Dutch and French; you are a good listener and you know how to popularise complex concepts;
  • you are able to think “corporate” and to build good relationships with internal stakeholders;
  • you have experience in (project) management and process-oriented work;
  • you have a practical attitude, a strong sense of organisation and are flexible enough to work perfectly within a multidisciplinary group;
  • you are curious and ready to learn more in your field; we are there to offer you many opportunities.


Evi Belmans
evi.belmans [at]