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Project Engineer

  • contribute to the Long Term Operation of our BR2-reactor
  • responsible for technical renovation projects
  • master in engineering in civil or mechanical engineering
  • 6 year contract
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Will you ensure the reliability and safety of our BR2 facility?

Our Plant Asset Management (PAM) unit is responsible for the long-term operation of our BR2 reactor including its experiments and facilities for isotope production, and for defining the necessary related measures and follow-up.
As a project engineer within the PAM team, you are responsible for large and small technical renovation projects and for ensuring the reliability and safety of the BR2 facility.
More specifically, he/she:

  • learns about the different components of the BR2 reactor and its surrounding facilities and infrastructures to detect and assess the long-term requirements and needs  
  • initiates, manages and monitors the different maintenance and renovation projects for BR2 infrastructures; the major structural components such as the reactor building, heavy retractable bridges and cooling towers must be considered first
  • defines the different maintenance and test programs for these components
  • appoints external contractors and/or design offices and keeps in touch with them as well as follows their work up
  • guarantees the review and optimisation of BR2’s reliability (reliability engineering); writes reports and describes processes on preventive and predictive maintenance
  • over time, settles into the engineering and manufacturing of (long-term) experiments which take place in our BR2 reactor in order to support the development of a quality management system
  • eventually, leads, coordinates and/or conducts audits himself/herself

To join this frontier, you'll need

  • master’s degree in engineering, preferably civil or mechanical engineering, even though another specialisation is also accepted
  • a broad knowledge of the different technical fields (architecture, mechanics, hydraulics, electricity, ...) and being interested in getting to know and settling into unknown fields
  • knowledge of different civil, mechanical and electrical documents, drawings, specifications and diagrams
  • knowledge of and feeling for specifications, norms and standards of technical facilities; an experience with the practical application of quality and safety standards is desirable
  • communicate with the supervisory authority about the results in the appropriate manner
  • an affinity with the nuclear sector or a knowledge of nuclear science and applications is an asset
  • some knowledge of or affinity with public procurement procedures is a plus
  • good command of Dutch, French and English


Evi Belmans
evi.belmans [at]