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Project engineer

  • leading role in innovation projects
  • analysis of electrical and electronic installations
  • master’s diploma in Engineering Sciences
  • excellent people skills
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Keep our infrastructure in shape!

The EWO unit (Electricity and Electronics Workshop) ensures the operational reliability, quality, maintenance and modernisation of the electrical and electronic components of the 3 major nuclear research plants within SCK CEN, being the research reactor BR2, the hot cell laboratory LHMA (a laboratory with ventilated, shielded rooms where highly radioactive samples are analysed and tested using remotely operated manipulators) and the nuclear radiochemistry laboratory. Within the scope of the continuous modernisation of these facilities, we are constantly pursuing the introduction of new and improved technologies and of changes that have become necessary following evolving quality and safety requirements. To strengthen the EWO team, we are looking for a project engineer.

In this capacity, you will:

  • work within a team together with your fellow project engineers and colleagues from the maintenance department
  • assist the head of the unit in the daily organisation of the unit and in the permanent improvement of the various maintenance processes within the research plants
  • critically analyse the efficient, effective and safe operation of the installations and make the necessary adjustments
  • take on a leading and active role in working out studies and innovation projects, executed in-house or by external companies, and lead a very diverse range of teams
  • study which changes to the electrical/electronic installations have become necessary following new legislation, altered operational criteria or higher safety requirements
  • prior to each study, perform an in-depth analysis of the overall existing installation (as the different components of the installation are closely interlinked, you will, for instance, have to gain in-depth knowledge of the hydraulic processes within the research reactor BR2)
  • examine the safety impact of innovation and/or automation projects
  • draw up specifications when outsourcing activities
  • supervise works executed by external companies or other internal departments
  • report at regular intervals on, amongst other things, the drawing up of synopses or detailed test and maintenance procedures

To join this frontier, you'll need

  • master's degree in industrial sciences (industrial engineer) or Master’s degree in engineering sciences (civil engineer), specialisations electricity, electrical engineering, electro-mechanical engineering and/or instrumentation
  • you have notions of E-plan and CANECO
  • you are an independent, enthusiastic and enterprising person
  • you are a positive and open team player with good leadership and organisational skills
  • you have a broad interest in file management, a/o regarding the safety aspects of the installations
  • you are eager to learn new practical knowledge about nuclear installations
  • you have good language skills (Dutch, French and English) and a solid knowledge of general IT applications
  • you are willing to work in controlled nuclear areas


Tomas Sergooris
tomas.sergooris [at]