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project control officer Recumo

  • an essential role in setting up an innovative and socially important project
  • project office coordination: cost control, planning and quality.
  • you have experience with quality management systems.
  • you have a master's degree in Industrial Engineering or Applied Economic Sciences (TEW)
  • 4 year contract
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Management & Operations

Contribute to the infrastructure of tomorrow!

SCK•CEN is among the leading research institutions in Belgium. Over 750 employees work every day on the development of peaceful applications of radioactivity. Our developments have already resulted in a long list of innovative and future-oriented medical, industrial and energy-related applications.
In the RECUMO project, SCK•CEN will treat highly radioactive medical waste and the uranium that it contains. This waste flow comes from the production of medical radioisotopes, which are crucial in cancer research and treatments. Thanks to RECUMO, the amount of waste will be drastically reduced, which will enable us to keep the production of medical radioisotopes in our country. To be able to realise this, we will build new cutting-edge infrastructure on the site in Mol by 2023. As Project control officer, you:
Cost control

  • you are asked to assist the project manager during the whole project, to ensure an effective budget control and to control the project costs which are included in the initial budget through project implementation phases. This responsibility entails reviewing the budget, managing the financial data of the project, identifying risks, informing the project manager and carrying out precise prognoses through Earned Value Management.


  • develop the reviews of the project planning (MS Project)
  • determine and review the characteristics of the tasks (WBS) such as duration, resources, working conditions and priorities
  • report the progress, assisted by the project engineers
  • identify the anomalies and send warning signals to the project management to manage risks and potential additional costs
  • draw up a monthly summarising report on project planning, comparing with accounting reports (SAP)
  • develop and implement existing models to communicate about the progress and evolution of the project (EVM, S-curve, phase sequence).

Concern for quality

  • develop and implement – together with the project team – a specific quality management system for the Recumo project according to the guidelines of the Federal Agency for Nuclear Control (FANC) and current standards.
  • are responsible for all QA aspects within the Recumo project: quality assurance, quality policy, procedures...
  • set up and follow up the necessary reporting procedures (QA, progress reporting, purchasing and administration).
  • you are at all times abreast with the evolutions and developments in terms of planning, budget and control and initiate the necessary corrective actions  in consultation with the project office and responsible management.

To join this frontier, you'll need

  • experience with cost control for medium- to large-scale projects and with the application of progress analyses and EVM techniques.
  • knowledge of planning software such as MS Project and/or Primavera.
  • experience with quality management systems for projects.
  • fluent in Dutch and English. French is a bonus.
  • a master's degree in Industrial Engineering or Applied Economic Sciences (TEW).


Daan Caeyers
daan.caeyers [at]